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The Adventist Defense League is a product of Our Higher Calling Ministry. We are dedicated to defending and responding to alleged arguments that critics think can successfully destroy our Adventist positions. Please join us as we faithfully and objectively present to you both sides of the issue, and let you decide the truth. We pray this ministry will bless you in a special way.

In Jesus, the Solution,
Edwin M. Cotto
and the team at A.D.L.

Team Participants and supporters:

-Servant Che (Siki) Plang
-Sister Jeorghette W. Plang
-Pastor Steven Negron
-Minister Damien T. Jenkins
-Sister Diana Jenkins
-Brother Jean-Paul Chin
-Brother Damian Sims
-Elder Timothy Lee Arnett

... and more.

Unless otherwise noted, all articles appearing at this website were created by either Edwin M. Cotto. Not every article will bear the name of the original author. Nevertheless, they all belong solely to this website (adventist defense league), unless a different name along with a link to another website is provided towards the end of an article. Please note that some of those individuals mentioned, and others who participate, might not be part of the ministry "Our Higher Calling" but are nevertheless fellow Adventist brethren who support this ministry, this website, and the work it does.

Partnering Ministry Websites:

-Our Higher Calling Ministry
-The Three Angels

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-Ministerio International Jesus Es la Solucion

We have created this as a website/blogspot to give our readers the ability to add their arguments and questions. All rude and anti-sda comments will not even be approved, and you must be a member of blogspot to comment. Others can email us with their comments at:

Contact: adlqanda(at)yahoo.com
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emails with attachments will be discarded without being opened

If you love the work we do here, please consider donating to our ministry to help us further this work as much as possible. The best way to donate is to visit our e-book site where we offer the e-book Identifying the Antichrist: 16 Identification Marks to Identify the Beast for a donation of $5.00 USD or more. Click here to donate.

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