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Your gift to this ministry will help it continue to grow and expand. Since we started this ministry, we have received many wonderful comments and emails by people thanking us for the work we do. Here are some of those comments:

"I am so glad that I found this site. this is what I looking for. I need this info. to learn and to be prepare for the last days.The good Lord may bless all." -Felix

"Hi Edwin, fantastic work in defending the truth. God bless you. Also, thank you very much for claryfying my doubts! I'll continue to learn from you... " -Steven.

"Hi Edwin, you guys are doing a great work for the Master. You are indeed given reasons for your faith to anyone who question you. What marvels me is the Bible centered answers you provide. Thank God for such." -Samuel.

And this is our goal. We desire only to teach the truth, defend it, and help usher in the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

As some of you already know, this ministry is compiled of over 8 members, not including others who desire to help, who not only support the work this website does, but also put their time and talents to work for Our Higher Calling Ministry. We desire to lead souls to the savior, Jesus Christ, who is our righteousness, and by whom only we can live a righteous life. We started small, preaching in the parks, handing out literature, preaching to people in the streets, and the Lord has blessed our efforts, even giving us an opportunity to appear on the 3ABN channel!

God has been moving us to different places in order to reach souls. We want to get the good news out, unstained, pure, that every soul may learn of Christ quickly. There are those who don't have the time to go out and preach, visit different places, contribute to websites like this one, etc. This is your chance to be part of this growing movement. Help us help others! And you will benefit in doing so. We set up a way where you can help via our GoFundMe campaign!

CLICK HERE to read a description of our GoFundMe account and the goals we have. If you'd like to go directly to the GoFundMe account to donate, click this DONATE NOW button below!

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Thank you!
The Adventist Defense League